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Backlink Checker Utility

Back link checker

Back link checker software find out website back link status of advertiser’s website on publisher’s website. Utility sends email if link is unavailable, not found or removed from advertiser’s website page.

Back link monitoring software

Back link checker software determines back links of advertiser site on publisher site in simple and proficient manner. Tool generates back link status report in TEXT or HTML file format and save it at user specified location.

Back link monitoring utility

Back link monitoring software checks website link status at publisher websites in real time. Software generates status report in TEXT or HTML format and sends it at user specified email address if link remove by publisher.

Backlink analyzer

User friendly non destructive back link analyzer tool determine advertiser website link status on different publisher websites. Software provides alert notification if link not found or remove by publisher.

Free back link monitoring tool

Freeware back link checker software monitor advertiser website link status at publisher website. Tool determines all types of links (reciprocal, direct etc) and mail generated report at user specified email address.

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