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Password Recovery

Password Recovery is developed as a password retrieval program helpful for the recovery of lost or forgotten mail account password of any password protected application in easiest way. If you have lost your passwords for multiple email accounts, or if you forgot passwords of personal mail access accounts, online magazine subscription, internet billing, online shopping, news groups, FTP accounts and more configured on email/news client server accounts, than these password retrieval programs securely unhide your lost or forgotten passwords of any length and complexity.

Various password restore utilities are available in the growing market that are capable to restore files and directories passwords, long passwords hidden behind asterisks, identity passwords, multilingual passwords etc of web forms, web based applications, Windows-IE, Administrator password, Cached password, dial-up password, screen saver password, shared and access passwords, MS office document passwords etc. All personal mail accounts passwords configured on Yahoo, MSN, G-mail, Hotmail, Rediffmail, Orkut and many more can also be efficiently retrieved by advanced technology based password recovery tools.

The user can now easily and affordably unmask all lost, forgotten and missing passwords saved in email/news server accounts instantly. Successfully uncovers the password of FTP account and ZIP, RAR, PDF, ACE files password and many more similar records. Now, you don’t need to rely on the complex and costlier password breaking, cracking or hacking tools for recovering the lost or forgotten passwords as these passwords can now be easily retrieved by our advanced password recovery algorithms based retrieval utilities.

Password recovery provides easiest and cost-effective password retrieval software utilities for MS Outlook and Outlook Express and Internet Explorer that instantly recovers your lost or missing stored passwords.

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