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MySQL to MSSQL Database Converter

Convert MySQL to MSSQL database

Database converter tool for MySQL convert all data types, attributes and keys (primary, unique, foreign etc) of MySQL table into MSSQL database. Tool support all windows based OS including 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP and VISTA.

Migrate MySQL server to MSSQL database

Easy to use and affordable database conversation software convert existing MySQL database records into corresponding MSSQL database records. Tool migrate database without changing its original functionality.

MySQL to MSSql converter

Database converter tool convert user’s selected MySQL database into MSSQL sever in professional way. Software save converter database at new location or overwrite the content of existing MSSQL database server.

MySql to MSSql conversion

MySQL to MSSQL database converter application facilitate user to convert its MySQL database records into Microsoft SQL database server in easy and efficient way with all different windows operating system including VISTA.

MySQL to MSSQL database conversion

Database conversion application for MySQL convert MySQL database attributes into MSSQL database with row, column, table, attributes and properties. Software is powerful, easy to use and contains attractive GUI based interface.

MySQL to MSSQL database converter

MySQL to MSSQL database migration software convert selected table records or entire database from MySQL to Microsoft SQL database format. Freeware database converter utility facility to overwrite the existing database records and save the converted DB as user specified location.

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