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Mobile / PDA Forensics Software

Mobile phones information is of great value nowadays as mobile phones play a significant role in our daily life. Lot of important information is stored in cell-phones including telephone numbers, addresses, photos, e-mails, notes, messages, calls history, voice records, sounds etc. Mobile Phone Forensic is used in criminal and other mobile investigation by detectives, investigation officers, forensic officers, government officers etc in various departments like Law Enforcement units, Police Departments, Army, Customs and Tax Services, Scientific Analysis and other Government Authorities.

Cell phones and other handheld devices incorporating cell phone capabilities (e.g., Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) phones, Smart phones etc) are everywhere. Rather than just placing calls, certain phones allow users to perform additional tasks such as SMS (Short Message Service) messaging, Multi-Media Messaging Service (MMS), IM (Instant Messaging), electronic mail, Web browsing and basic PIM (Personal Information Management) applications (e.g., phone and date book). Analyses of handheld devices have become necessary because crimes are increasing day by day and mobile phone’s information can work as evidence in investigation purposes. Mobile Forensic software can easily perform in-depth analysis and extracts detailed information of the mobile phone device.

Various cell phone forensics tools are available that fetches complete data including files, folders, database records, operating system registry and phone records details, hardware and software architecture of Pocket PC like operating system version, memory usage and processor phonebook information and shows detail including Contact details, Phone model, IMEI number, Sim information, Manufacturer details of any supported pocket PC mobile devices etc. from all Pocket PC, PDA, Smart phones, Hand held PC Device, Palm Device, Palm OS platform device.

These utilities support all major brands of Windows based mobile phones like Asus Pocket PC Phone, Audiovox Thera, i-Mate Smartphone, Dopod StrTrk S300, E-ten Pocket PC Phone, Gigabyte gSmart, Gotive H41 mobile communicator, GSMK Cryptophone, Hitachi Pocket PC phone, Anextek, HP iPAQ, HTC MteoR Smartphone, HTC Pocket PC phone, HTC Blue Angel, i-mate PDAL and JAQ3, i-mate Smartflip, i-mate JasJar, i-mate JAM, IzenMobile KRMA and KSMT, Microsoft/Flextronics "Peabody", Mitac Mio 8390, Motorola i930, Motorola Q, Motorola CN620 "MOD", Neonode N1 "limitless" mobile device, Palm Treo 700w, Pantech PH-S8000T smartphone, Qool Labs QDA Oh!, Samsung Blackjack, Samsung Pocket PC phone, Samsung SGH-i300, Sharp W-Zero3 PocketPC Phone, Siemens/AT&T Wireless SX56 PocketPC Phone Edition, Sierra Wireless Voq Phone, T-Mobile MDA, UTStarcom PPC 6700, Voxtel W740, Yakumo PDA omikron BT, LG, Nokia, Panasonic, Sony Ericsson and many more.

Following are software utilities provided by our company helpful in Forensic departments:

  • Pocket PC Forensic Software
    Pocket Pc Forensic Software extracts detailed mobile information including files information, database information, OS registry information and other phone information in easiest manner.
  • Mobile Phone Inspector
    Mobile Phone Inspector is a freeware utility provided by our company to fetch detailed cell information including contact details, Sim card as well as phone messages, call logs, ICC, IMSI number and IMEI number and many more.
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