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Data Recovery

Data Recovery is used for retrieving the inaccessible data from damaged, corrupted, formatted, failed storage media. Often the data can be lost due to physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being accessed by the user. The deleted data still exists on the storage medium even after lost due to various malicious reasons like system crash, pressing shift+del keys, emptied recycle bin, power sabotage, accidental deletion, root directory entries corruption etc. On the basis of different lost reasons, different data recovery programs can be adopted.

The best way to insure the security of your data is its regular prevention and backup, this will reduce the danger of data loss to the lowest. The data can be lost from primary and secondary storage media that includes FAT/NTFS partitioned hard disk drives like ATA, SATA, IDE and EIDE and various USB flash removable media drives like Memory cards (MMC, micro card, Mini SD card, Micro SD card, Micro Drive etc) and digital music players (iPod, Zune music player).

An easy way to data recovery, disk recovery and drive recovery is through various available data recovery applications. The data recovery utility is capable of retrieving files even from partitioned hard disk drives for which many Windows partition recovery programs are available that recover NTFS partition and FAT partition data loss easily and affordably. The disk recovery program and file rescue utility supports all major brands of hard disks drives and removable media that include IBM, Imation, Compaq, Lenovo, HP, Hitachi, Highpoint, Generic, Manpower etc.

Following are the various available data restore programs helpful to recover deleted partition data loss and restore data:

  • Windows Data Recovery Software
    Windows data recovery software easily recovers and restores files and folders lost from corrupted, formatted or partitioned hard disk drives.
  • NTFS Data Recovery Software
    The software is capable to rescue files damaged, lost, missed from NTFS and NTFS5 file system partitioned hard disk drives.
  • FAT Data Recovery Software
    FAT partitioned hard drive recovery utility undelete data deleted due to power failure, corrupted disk directory; accidental loss etc from FAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and VFAT file system based hard disk drives.
  • Memory Card Data Recovery Software
    Memory card files recovery software provides effective data recovery solutions that recover deleted data reliably and accurately from corrupted memory cards storage media.
  • iPod Data Recovery Software
    Easily and quickly recover iPod files lost due to file sharing using i-Tunes software with the help of iPod music recovery software.
  • Zune Music Recovery Software
    Restore lost audio, video, image, picture files etc from Zune music player in less time with the help of digital Zune music recovery software.
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