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Advance keyboard surveillance tool

Keyboard activity logger software automatically stores all keystrokes, chats, typed website URLs, email id password, screen snapshots in a secret hidden log file. Tool is hidden from all running programs.

Download Keylogger

PC activity logger program secretly record all typed keyboard characters including special keys (alt, shift, ctrl, tab etc) in a hidden log file and automatically sends report to the user specified email with date and time.

Freeware key logger

Keyboard stroke monitoring tool is invisible from start menu, add/remove programs and task manager. Software records typed e-mail address, user login password, website URL and windows screenshot.

Invisible keylogger

Keyboard activity logger utility secretly stores all typed keyboard characters including special character, visited website URLs, search engine search, login identity (name, password), and windows screenshot in a secret log file.

Key logger freeware

Invisible keylogger software runs at desktop background and hidden from all windows application. Software regularly captures windows screenshot and save typed keyboard character including special keys.

Key logging software

PC monitor keystroke recording keylogger software helps user to find out other user activities in its absence as record all typed keystrokes including special character like tab, alt, shift etc and number keys.

Keyboard monitoring software

Keyboard activities monitoring software secretly record all typed keyboard characters, search engine keywords, visited website URL etc in a password protected log

Keyboard tracker system

Computer monitor software secretly save all special keystrokes, number keys, user’s login information (name, password), and chat conversation in automatic created hidden log file. Tool is invisible from all windows application.

Professional Keyboard monitoring tool

Keyboard monitoring tool record all typed keys from keyboard with special character (alt, tab, shift etc), number keys (0, 1...) in log file. Software supports all different windows operating system (98/2000/NT/ME/XP/VISTA).

Keylogger downloads

Download freeware keyboard keystroke recorder invisible key logger that help you to record and monitor all activity on your computer in your absence. Free keystroke recording and visual surveillance utility recover voice chat conversation, clipboard activity and start up time of your PC.

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