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Posted By: Teachable Tech | Updated On: March 20, 2023

Web tools are the web based utilities used in World Wide Web technology to increase the overall performance of the websites in global website market. Websites has become basic need for all products based Companies for e-marketing of their products and most widely used in all areas like Retail stores, Travels, Super Markets, Health Care Companies, IT Companies, Financial Companies etc for various purposes.

Web Tools

In today’s competitive and growing market, multiple websites have been developed and maintained to meet demands and satisfy needs of the customers. For maintaining the position in this competitive world website enhancement is necessary. Various web tools are available that easily and efficiently monitor your websites and notify you if any of your website is down or not working properly in real time. When you are involved in working with multiple websites, then this website monitoring tool will monitor all your websites round the clock and let you know about any website’s unavailability or inaccessibility.

Along with maintaining website’s performance, website popularity should also be maintained, helpful for all website based companies that sell their products online through e-marketing and needs their websites on the top of the search engines (like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Altavista and more). To promote website, several website promotion tools are available that improves the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines. The earlier a site is in search results, the more the site will be visited that leads to website promotion and popularity. For this, website backlinks plays an important role in improving the popularity of the website over global internet. Websites often employ various SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to increase the website popularity on the internet.

Website performance can also be improved by interacting with your website’s online customers. The Companies, who sell their products online, need to satisfy their customer’s demands for improving website’s popularity and customer solutions to any related queries. A successful interaction with online customers and visitors results in achieving the peak performance of the website in real time. With the help of live chat utilities, the website support executives can easily communicate with online visitors and customers. 24x7 online help and live support is provided to the customers through online live chat. This will improve the customer satisfaction and increase online sales and production.

We offer our customers best web tools to manage and maintain their websites in effective manner. Following is the list of web tools provided for our customers:
  • Live Chat Software

    Live chat software provides one-to one and multi online interaction between website’s customer support executives and online customers and visitors in real time.

  • Website Monitoring Software

    Website monitoring software is capable to monitor website uptime, downtime and ping status for evaluating the website performance in real time.

  • Backlink Checker Utility

    Backlink checker utility is responsible for analysing the backlink status (or popular as incoming links, inlinks) of user’s website on publisher’s website in real time.

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