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System Utilities

System utilities can help to form the accurate structure that your computer needs to operate consistently well i.e. system utilities are the services provided to a computer for its better performance. Laptops and desktop PC's have become an integral part of our lives especially with the wide use of Internet. Various system services or utilities are developed to make sure about the working of your PCs or to maintain your system security and privacy by consistently recording system’s activities or by cleaning the unused disk space.

Security and Privacy are the most valuable components of IT industry in today’s world and any hassle in maintaining it should not be occurred. System’s security can be improved by keeping track of all the activities performed by unauthorized users on your computer system in real time. Timely wiping off the unused disk space of your computer increases system’s performance and privacy. For this, you could look through your entire system trying to manually clean your files, but this will lead to various inaccuracies like you can miss something from cleaning off or it might happen that you accidentally delete a crucial file and lose important data. So, for recovering from these factual errors use of system utilities would be a better option for you.

Removal of any file or folders from the disk can usually be accomplished by overwriting the existing data on the disk or file. The system tools are useful if you want to make it difficult for people to recover deleted data from your disk as these tools permanently wipe off all your existing data that can’t be recovered even by any recovery software utilities. This will result in the increase of computer privacy. Similarly for increasing the system security various system utilities are being used through which you can monitor all the activities performed on your computer system in your absence as the utilities records all the activities in real time and notifies you at your specified email address.

Our Company offers following system utilities for effective working of your tablet PC or notebook computer:

  • Data Wiping Utility
    Secure data wiper carefully and precisely scan and wipes only what you choose. Entire hard disk data or selected files/folders or internet search history, deleted e-mails, administrator files, text documents, system files etc can be easily and permanently wiped off in destructive and non-destructive wiping mode from hard disk drive or removable media like memory cards, USB drives etc.
  • Keylogger
    Keylogger software is an activity recorder that monitors and records all the keyboard typed activities in stealth mode on windows based computer system. Invisible KeyLogger application program captures details of visited web pages, typed URLs, passwords, email id and other activities performed on personal computer device.
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